OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnID Simplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnIDSimplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools

BYOD, 1-to-1 End User Experience Management Solution

Our newest product is OmnID, a user provisioning for Active Directory and Google Apps, directory sync, user management workflow, and Single Sign-on solution for K-12.


Identity management is the management of individuals, their authentication, authorization and privileges within a network IT system with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks. As school districts roll out more and more digital assets, and move toward “bring your own device” (BYOD), managing secure student, teacher and administrative access to digital assets is growing in importance.

For the majority of school districts, identity management is facilitated through a semi-manual process of dumping users into a local data file and pushing that data file into the various computer systems that require this user information. This process needs to be completed as new users arrive or leave the district. It can be managed by all staff on users they have rights to manage. An optional method of identity management is through a single sign-on application, or allowing a single click to sign in to multiple systems using one identity. These solutions are available for a substantial cost which is why most districts do not deploy a single sign-on solution today.

Identity management is just one challenge. As schools add digital assets, the managing and storing of these digital assets has also been a problem. Today, many schools use a combination of Google Apps and Moodle for classroom management and file repositories. This is being found to be an incomplete solution as teachers need to access student data and students need a method to share data with other students. Ideally, school districts would provide a single interface to manage cloud servers, access rights, and file access though one singular web portal which isn’t an option with today’s solutions.


School districts have limited choices for Identity Management software applications that offer the functions provided by OmnID. In fact, the only options that exist are “light” versions that provide single sign-on capabilities. In addition, existing solutions are designed to be generic enough to fit a wide set of needs, but require extensive customization. This is because most have been built for large corporations and have not been scaled to fit the needs of education. Education runs by a different set of rules. Existing solutions only marginally meet their needs, are expensive and require customization. OmnID is the only affordable Identity Management software application that has been designed for an educational environment, does not require complex customization to match or exceed competitive products, and meets all of the school districts’ needs today and tomorrow in a single product and interface. As noted above, Identity Management is only a fraction of what school districts will require going forward to support one to one learning and BYOD.  


OmnID simplifies your BYOD and one to one initiatives by providing a single application and web interface for providing access and ensuring  access to user's data anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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What is OmnID?

Simplicity and security together.  Give students a single point of access to all online learning resources.  GIve administrators the security to teach on any device.  OmnID is a product that provides all the needs for your BYOD and one-to-one deployment.

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