OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnID Simplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnIDSimplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will OmnID work with my student information system?


OmnID connects with any ODBC compliant database that stores student and staff information.  This includes Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Progress.  OmnID can also import and export user information in flat text (CSV) files.


2) Can I link to an existing active directory structure?


Absolutely.  There are several methods that can be used to link to an existing structure allowing OmnID to be installed at any point in your school year. This requires a discussion on your current environment.  However, there is a user resolve and linkage process that will easily link your current accounts with your information systems.


3) Is OmnID a SIF agent?


The short answer is no. SIF was fabricated as a potential solution for
translating data between unlike systems. While the intent was good, the
implementation is flawed and expensive. No need to add another layer of complexity; OmnID uses a true standard, SQL, to move data between systems and keep it in sync. OmnID has so many more features than what SIF can provide.

What is OmnID?

Simplicity and security together.  Give students a single point of access to all online learning resources.  GIve administrators the security to teach on any device.  OmnID is a product that provides all the needs for your BYOD and one-to-one deployment.

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