OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnID Simplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnIDSimplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools

OmnID and Google Apps Directory Sync with Single Sign-On

Google Apps has always been a problem to configure and keep running.  The main reason is that it's trying to process secure information that it only has partial access to.  Google's sync tool is designed to be as generic as possible to operate in any business that needs to use it.  Problem is, education has its own set of rules.  And while it can be configured to operate in the K-12 environment it will never function as fluid as it should.  This is where OmnID shines, it's rules and operation follow how education works.  These users are not only monitored in AD but subsequently monitered in Google as well.  When a user leaves the district they will be disabled and eventually removed.  OmnID will also sort your users into their appropriate containers as they move between grades.

What is OmnID?

Simplicity and security together.  Give students a single point of access to all online learning resources.  GIve administrators the security to teach on any device.  OmnID is a product that provides all the needs for your BYOD and one-to-one deployment.

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