OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnID Simplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnIDSimplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools

Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"User provisioning is something that has always been somewhat of a hassle for us, we have tried everything from scripts created in house to full blown SIF integration. All of these methods worked with varying levels of success but none of them provided a single interface from which we could manage student accounts and group membership, create and schedule exports of user information for populating other applications and monitor account synchronization. Thanks to OmniID we now have this single source of management in a console that can be operated by a user with no programing or scripting experience. In addition to meeting our technical needs OmniID has offered both a significant cost savings over our previous SIF agent as well as a freeing up our district level techs from having to troubleshoot user creation issues."


Andy Hakala
Technology Services Administrator
Hopkins Public Schools


What is OmnID?

Simplicity and security together.  Give students a single point of access to all online learning resources.  GIve administrators the security to teach on any device.  OmnID is a product that provides all the needs for your BYOD and one-to-one deployment.

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