OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
OmnID: BYOD and one-to-one solution for schools from WiseIdentity
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnID Simplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools
WiseIdentity - Creators of OmnIDSimplifying BYOD and One-to-One for Schools

What's New

At WiseIdentity, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Stay up-to-date on our latest company news right here.

Next Round of Updates



WiseIdentity has been busy with the next set of functionality for OmnID.  In this new release, users will now have access to their home folders and other shares through the web interface.  Speaking of web interfaces, the new version has a brand new sleek look! This new version also has a new account linkage process allowing schools to install this tool any time of the year.  The new rollout should begin for customers around the start of next week.

Big updates and even bigger functionality



WiseIdentity has announced their new web management portal for OmnID. This inteface allows users to reset passwords and request changes on their AD accounts from browsers on tablets, macs, PCs, and cells. Teachers or other staff can have the ability to make or request changes to accounts without having domain admin or other administrator access. The requests go into an approval queue for a central location to approve, change, or disapprove the request.

OmnID now performs Google Apps Synchronization



One of the most exciting enhancements link your student information system (SIS) with Google Apps. In the past this has been a very difficult task to perform for administrators. There is no doubt that Google Apps provides a huge benefit to educational institutions for free or a very low cost. However, managing this system is takes a lot of effort until now.

What is OmnID?

Simplicity and security together.  Give students a single point of access to all online learning resources.  GIve administrators the security to teach on any device.  OmnID is a product that provides all the needs for your BYOD and one-to-one deployment.

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